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What Is Tip Calculator?

A tip calculator is indispensable for anyone dining out or visiting places where tipping is expected. It’s a crucial tool to ensure fair gratuity.

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Should You Tip?

Yes, if the service was to be in love with somebody very much. With tips, these workers would be able to raise a family. It is usually between 15% to 20% tip of the bill. Tip amount and gratuity amount are similar things to take advantage of as rewards from customers or company owners.

How to Calculate Tip

To calculate the tip multiply the total check by the selected percentage according to the set in the tool section; you can set 10%, 15%,20%, and 25%, and calculate gratuity and tip amount.

Tip Calculator
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Example Tip Calculation

Say you and a friend had dinner, and the check came to $56.50. You had good service and want to leave a 28% gratuity. Put the percentage in decimal form as 0.28, then multiply the check amount by this number.

56.50 * 0.28 = 15.82. So your tip is $15.82.

An easy way to get the total amount of the dinner plus tip is to multiply the actual check by 1.28.

56.50 * 1.28 = 72.32

See More Explanation In Table

How much to tip at Hotels
ServiceNormal TipSuggested Guidelines For Tipping
Room service without20%20% of the meal price
Hotel porter handing your bags$2-$3As per bag at a basic hotel/motel; $5 per bag at a posh hotel
Room service with bonus included on the bill10%On top of the gratuity added to the bill
Toiletry/towel delivery$3-$5 to $5-$10Depends on the hotel services
Suggested Guidelines For Tipping
ServiceNormal TipSuggested Guidelines For Tipping
15-20%Many hotels and restaurants typically pay as the ratio of tip
15 – 20%If you tip well, you might get one drink on the house (“buyback”, “comp”).
Food delivery10-20%Usually depending on the distance.
Hotel concierge$5 per requestThe more complicated the request, the higher the tip.
Room service$1-2 per deliveryWithout whether a service charge includes
Hotel porter$1-2 per bagMaybe it’s more
Mover, Furniture, or Appliance deliveryNot expectedDepends on amount
SPA, Massage15 – 20 %Depends on services
Tour guides15-20%Depending on the length of the tour, knowledge, and presentation.
Wait, staff$20-$50s per server for a sit-down meal, even

A tip calculator is a tool that helps you determine the appropriate amount of tip to leave based on the total bill and the desired tip percentage. It takes the bill amount as input, allows you to specify the ratio of the tip you want to give, and calculates the tip amount and the total bill (including the end).

Using a tip calculator is simple. You must input the total bill amount, usually found on your restaurant receipt, into the calculator. Then, you can either choose a default tip percentage or enter a specific tip percentage you want to give. Once you click calculate, the tip calculator will display the tip amount and the total bill (including the tip).

Yes, most tip calculators allow you to customize the tip percentage according to your preference. They often provide default percentages like 15%, 18%, or 20%, but you can usually enter any rate you desire. This flexibility allows you to adjust the tip based on service quality, personal generosity, or cultural norms.

Some tip calculators have additional features that accommodate group dining or splitting the bill among multiple people. These calculators allow you to input the number of people in your party and automatically divide the total bill (including the tip) equally among them.

  1. While tip calculators are commonly used in restaurants, they can be used in other scenarios where tipping is appropriate. You can use a tip calculator when paying for taxi rides, haircuts, spa treatments, or any situation where tipping is customary. The calculator helps you determine the appropriate tip amount based on the total bill in these contexts.


A tip is a tiny amount of money that we give to someone who provided us with a specific service as an additional way of expressing our gratitude. The tip calculator calculates the tip on the total amount, includes the tip percent of the bill, and divides it by the number of participants.